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                                    Termite's and insulation loss

Termites can seriously damage the structure of homes or buildings.  Years ago, it was considered sufficient to have only a termite inspection performed before purchasing real estate.  If there was no evidence of an active termite infestation, it was assumed that the building had no termite damage or structural damage.  In some cases, there was serious termite damage to the structure of the building.

In addition to the pre-purchase inspection performed by an Engineer, have a termite inspection performed by a qualified termite control specialist.  This specialist can recommend treatment options to control an existing termite infestation.  A qualified termite control specialist can also recommend control options to help prevent future termite infestations. 
Termites Feed on Wood

Termites attack wood that is close to the ground.Termites feed on wood and serve an important function by converting dead trees into organic matter.  Termites (sometimes called white ants) have microorganisms in their digestive system that help digest cellulose.  Although termites are soft-bodied insects, their hard jaws bite off small fragments of wood.  As the termites feed on the wood in buildings, they can cause serious structural damage.

Termites nest in the earth and attack wood that is close to the ground.  In a forest, this is beneficial as dead branches from the trees are recycled and enrich the soil.  In a building, termites damage can be quite destructive.   It is essential to check for evidence of a termite infestation, as well as any structural damage caused by termites. 

Note that carpenter ants sometimes feed on termites.  For this reason, you will usually not find both insects in the same areas of a building.

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